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April 1990, a new dawn in the tranquil horizon of Tapin North and there blossomed a cute flower in its fertile lap. This cute and delicate flower was named DAV Public school, Tapin North (RRW). What a wonderful flower it was with 30 tender petals! Yes, there were only 30 tiny tots in the school in the very first session, which ran from LKG to 3rd standard. With the sincere initiative taken by the then chairman of coal India & DAV management, this pious land was ready to yield able and social citizens to the nation. DAV Public schools, which strive arduously to dispel Avidya i.e. illiteracy, got a source to sow the seed of Vedic culture and rich tradition. The glorious sun offered it beaming energy and the seed turned into a healthy tree in a very short span of time.Despite several economical unrest, the founder Principal of this school, Mr P. Singh, pledged to promote vidya under the dynamic mentorship of the then Regional Director Mahatma N. D. Grover Ji. The school enjoyed the scenic beauty, and the chirp of tiny tots magnified & beautified the lap of this school. The non-compromising attitude of the school-management took notice of every need for the well-being of the students and well-round development of the students. The number of classes, students and staff increased considerably and there was a sweet aroma in the air due to the teaching based on the parameters set forth by Maharshi Dayanand. The visible progress in the arena of scholastic as well as co-scholastic domain drew the kind attention of the CCL management and hence it gifted us a two storeyed new building with six rooms. This bounty feathered the bird to fly upto CBSE New Delhi. The commendable services rendered by the school prompted the CBSE to grant its affiliation in 1998. The first batch of this school appeared in CBSE X Board exam in 2000, and the marvelous result earned by our students & teaching staff broke all the myths, existing in the mind of people of this area. The result was comparatively better than other schools of the township and hence it was a big talk in the township. The CCL management provided conveyance facility from Charhi to this school. This proved to be a boon to this school. The school could register many students even form Charhi & Banjee area.

Under the sincere guidance of the new Regional Director Mr. L.R. Saini, the school flowered well gleefully in more congenial ambience. The cool breeze spread far and wide and the people felt the fragrance of this school. They remarked on the judicious balance between gyan + vigyan as well as our value based teaching rooted in vedic culture, Havana, Yajna, and due importance given to games & sports as well as other co-curricular activities. In the mean time under the suggestion by Mr Saini, the then Regional Director, DAV Tapin South got clubbed with this unit. Today DAV Tapin South is our Junior wing and is running successfully for the junior students of that area. The kind visit of Mr. N. Das, the then G.M, CCL Hazaribag area granted four rooms & toilet blocks and it was really a desirable package to this school.After the official transfer of Mr. P. Singh to Government aided DAV School, Ulihatu in 2006, Mr. N.D. Sharma was assigned responsibility by DAV management to speed up the progress of the school. Though he served this school as a Principal for half a year only, his magnetic personality and zeal to unfurl the flag of DAV to zenith yielded fruit. It was his dedication toward well being of students that encouraged the CCL officials to raise the boundary wall of the school to maintain privacy & safety of the students. His transfer from this school to DAV Khalari was registered as pain to this school as even in a short span of 6 months, he had made the school a centre of attraction. In November 2006, Mr. Sharma bestowed a package upon this school from DAV Khalari and it worked as catalyst to this school.Then, there came the new Principal of the school – Mr A. K. Jha. This multi - talented personnel kept no stone unturned for the smooth progress of the school. He worked with zeal & enthusiasm to add new kudos to the school.

As a chemist he struggled hard to find better panacea to remove illiteracy and ignorance. He ensured a good blend of head and heart. It was his sincere effort that the school could own its self well-equipped Computer Lab, computerized fee counter and e-education facilities. His tenure was a transition phase as DAV CMC wanted to get the entire manual official - records turned into e-records. With his tireless effort, the arduous task was completed within deadline. He, really, was a man of strong determination who always dreamt to see the school in the first row. During his tenure, the school observed its first Annual Function & first Science Exhibition. Despite poor infrastructure, he managed the school well and hence he got a remark by one of the CCL officials from CCL Darbhanga house, Ranchi that he was making the best use of scrapped materials to run the school. He, being the teacher of Chemistry, knew well how to make bonds and how to progress leaps and bounds.The advent of Dr. Rani Jaiswal, the present Principal of the school and his contribution will remain everlasting. This jack-of-all-trades is full of ample energy to disseminate the same for the noble cause. She not only made the premises spick and span but also gave it a healthy and attractive look. Albeit, he denies to take the credit on himself but we know that this was his sincere & earnest effort that yielded this new edifice we inaugurated today. It is his momentous contribution that this school got upgraded by CBSE up to +2 level and the students are getting education in science stream from this current session. Not only this, the school could release its maiden issue of the school magazine – MANJUSHA - by his encouragement to the budding talents. Also, she is worried about his staff’s welfare and teacher’s professional growth. She has nicely made arrangements for in-house teacher training to groom them up and keep them well-informed and toned. Her motivating attitude has installed self-confidence among one and all. Within a short span of her Principalship, she has emerged as an academic icon in the township. This dynamic personality wishes to proceed with :

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DAV Public School 
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